TThe Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ) is a four piece string instrument band, that performs covers of popular music in classical compositions. The VSQ also produces booklets of sheet music containing the songs they cover. The band wishes to re-brand for their next album release. The style of the rebranding is inspired from contemporary pop-art. This style was chosen to reference the evolution of popular music which came from classical music. The VSQ inspires a new genre called eclectic contemporary, by mixing historical and present popular music. The media produced in the re-branding will be used for all representation of the VSQ online, social networking, and any performance and merchandise advertising.

Deciding on eclectic competoraty and international grunge as my art directions for the entire rebrand allowed for creative experimentation. There are no real boundries set by these art styles and therefore I had to work with alot of brainstorming and deciding between contrasting styles. I ended up choosing the VSQ typemark with the layered 3D effect that is a well known in Pop-Art design, which also happen to look like vibrating strings of the violin. Eclectic Contemporary- is the modern use of various different types of popular imagery, which can be sourced, from any examples of design. International Grunge- is a contemporary art movement which uses the rules of grunge and international style.

This is the mood board I made at the very beginning of the project to establish a set look for the re-brand. Note the colours of the top left image, I directly choose those colours as the brand swatches.

For the stationary, I decided it was best to create a very conservative clean and simple design which, in contrast to the posters that you will see later on that are extremely vibrant and visually interactive. This solution allows for VSQ to hold a corporate presence for professional purposes and an experimental creative presence for fans.

The website was my biggest challenge. This is where my use of international grunge came into full play. The content of the website had a lot of visual noise on its own, and therefore the layout needed to be very simple and clean for optimal user interface. I was still able to add some unique design elements with colour as you will see later on in this exploration through the VSQ rebranding. The purpose of the website was to inform fans and employers of up coming tour dates and bookings, and sell the booklets of sheet music and other merchandise.